• One big difference is that Home Line service works over the Internet. It has a very low fixed monthly service fee, no hidden charges, no contract & no commitment includes features like Voice Mail, Call Waiting and Caller Display.

  • Home Line phone service works like a traditional home phone service except it uses internet connection to make and receive calls.

  • You’ll just need the following:
    Internet Service
    U.S. billing address
    Credit / Debit Card (VISA & MASTER)

  • $29.99 for the one-time activation fee plus $9.99 for 1st monthly service fee.

  • Yes. You can register multiple number.

  • No. We are happy to provide you the service with no contract and no commitment.

  • Yes. You can use Home Line service even if you move from one country to another.

  • No, You will enjoy free unlimited calls to US and Canada.

  • No.

  • To call any Local / Domestic number, just dial: 1 + Area code & Phone number.


  • You will receive the phone adapter within 2-5 business days and its easy plug and play.

  • It’s Easy. Just connect the Home Line Phone Adapter to your Internet router, power and to your analog DECT phone. You can begin using the service as soon as you’ve completed the few installation. An installation guide is included with the phone adapter.

  • We need your shipping information in order to ship the Home Line Phone adapter to your address.

  • Yes. You can keep your current phone number, but we will provide you a temporary number.
    Sign Port In Request Form, then Fax or Email with your latest phone bill showing your Name & the Phone Number.

  • Home Line gives you a temporary phone number to use until the port in is completed.

  • It takes approximately 1-2 weeks for your number to be successfully transferred.